How Internet Marketers Can Use Scumblr For Brand Mention Monitoring

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    Netflix has open sourced one of it's most powerful security tools, Scumblr. This post will go into the many uses of this for online marketers and webmasters, how to set it up from start to finish, and how to replace your existing brand mention monitoring services with this free tool.

    What Is "Scumblr" by Netflix?

    Netflix has an ongoing problem, people like to hack peoples accounts then post the login credentials onto forums, on pastebin, or on social media.

    Likewise, sometimes nefarious individuals may plan a DDoS attack on Netflix and will meet in some forum somewhere on the internet in order to co-ordinate it prior to being executed.

    Therefore, Netflix realized that they needed to create a tool which would monitor the entire web for specific keywords/queries, log them in an easy to digest manner, and then allow their employees to take action on them.

    How Internet Marketers can use this amazing tool for brand mention monitoring

    After learning about Scumblr in an article about how Ashley Madison was using the service to search for dumped credentials to their infamous dating site, I realized that this is something that may be worth looking into.

    Turns out, the ability to search the web for any specific keyword was something I was already paying for, as I imagine many of you reading this do in order to monitor brand mentions for your or your client’s company.

    Scumblr can be configured to ping you every time someone mentions your company on social media or in a forum for example. Additionally, you can use it to monitor pastebin for email dumps of addresses for you or your employees.

    download Scumblr:
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