How in the world do you cross-promote followliker accounts? How to setup hootsuite?

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    Edit: Oh and I apologize in advance for the spoonfeed questions, any help will be greatly appreciated though.

    Hey guys I'd love some help on this, it's been bothering me and I can't seem to figure it out.

    I've got a lot of accounts on twitter and I'd love to let my 5k+ accounts promote some of my newer ones to get them off the ground. I have two major issues with this tho
    1. The followliker retweet scrapes tweet in a "users tweet" fashion, so if you set it up then you have to change the scrape tweet settings to each user you want to retweet for all the accounts everyday, which would be about as hard as doing it manually
    2. Followliker also doesn't come with an "un"-retweet button, so it stays on there forever and I definitely don't want that.

    So I've never been in a hootsuite (although I do want to) but I believe it is what I'm looking for. I don't know how to set it up and I've got some questions before I screw myself over. First of all, will having all my accounts in the same hootsuite get them all banned? It seems like accounts with the same creation proxy retweeting eachother (and from the same suite+api) would be a major red flag.

    Two, how do I setup hootsuite, I've used it for scheduling tweets, but each account had it's own suite. Do I just create a hootsuite account, add all the accounts to it, then click a button and it retweets for a couple minutes then unretweets? That's what it looks like most major social media accounts do. Would I have to manually unretweet each tweet?

    One last, semi-unrelated question. Is there any social media (or ig sfs) retweet exchange platform. I found the viralbuzz site, but it was for sharing content rather than exchanging retweets. I can't seem one that actually weighs follower count and matches you up with good people. Sites like addmefast are usually just spam twitter accounts.