How important is it to get your backlinks indexed?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ningning, Aug 18, 2010.

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    I just wonder how important it is to get your backlinks indexed?

    I have purchased a few services but when I check the backlinks in scrapebox I can see that that none or very few are indexed.

    Then I wonder if should I work on getting these links indexed?

    Here's an example: A rapport from a service I bought showed that 46 backlinks had been created. After a month or so I checked how many of the backlinks where indexed in Google. Only 6 where indexed in google.

    Then I created an RSS feed from the URLs and submitted it to 15 aggregators and pinged the feed.

    Now a few days later 17 backlinks are indexed. I can come up with a lot of ways to increase the success rate.

    But the question is: Is it worth the effort?

    Now give me all your insights
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    Well its important however Its bound to happen sooner or later. Some People Claim if you get your site indexed way to fast you will have flags pop up on your site that may hurt your ranking. You want to make things look as human as possible. If google sees you index 50,000 sites in one day they Know its B.S. However If you blast 50k and let natural indexing occur you may have greater success however it may take 2-3 weeks or even months Ive seen before it works.

    ** I Use Scrabebox and I dont index anything I let it do that on its own. Now i prob will post 3-5k a day but only see about 2-300 of those weekly being added but it all will catch up and slowness is luxury.
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    Yes, it's important that your backlinks get indexed. Some backlinks like the popular profile-type backlinks can take forever... sometimes they never get indexed on their own. I like to mash all my profile backlinks into an RSS feed and submit them to the RSS aggregators... that tends to get them indexed pretty quickly.