How I'm getting 100+ uniques and 35 leads daily using Instagram & Followliker

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    Hi Everyone. I've been building this strategy for just over a week now, with lots of headaches and hurdles but it's starting to pick up good momentum so I'm gonna share so you new instagrammers might get some insights and importantly I've still got ALOT to do (like comments and photos) but I finally crossed the 100+ uniques mark with 35 optins yesterday from 106 uniques.

    My biz opp is in the 'make money from home' internet marketing space, so my target audience is MLM'ers, Internet markters, people who want to quit their job etc. My landing page converts well (20-50% on most traffic) and the offer is a $1 for 7 day trial, with an upsell once they're in

    • I have 20 accounts on Followliker, each with proxy
    • instagram usernames are things like mlm.sponsoring.secrets and so the username gets their interest
    • I start with 5 photos in each account when creating an account
    • Use bluestacks app (instead of a phone) to upload the photos from my mac
    • photos are text captions from my website eg: "Tired of the Tiny Checks and Dead Downlines in MLM... See link in my BIO" and also personal photos of me speaking on stage at marketing event
    • Phone verify the 20 accounts using 4 different phones (my cell, moms cell, my home phone, my skype number)
    • I Use to create unique web links for each website in the IG account BIO
    • Account BIO is catchy. I spin it so the accounts aren't identical, it says... "After reading this FREE report I went from broke in MLM to over $70k a month in less than a year. Grab your free report from my website"

    FollowLiker Settings:

    • All delays are set to 4-8 secs
    • Users who tagged is "herbalife, isagenix, mlm name 1, mlm name 2"... Or make money terms like "make money online, work from home"
    • Scrape photo settings is "mlm name 1 etc" (same as users tagged... dont know if this is best)
    • Follow limit 50-100 / Daily limit 400-500
    • Unfollows 300-400 (set to 5 days)
    • Dont unfollow follows checked
    • Likes 100-200 / 2000-2000 max


    • If you have alot of accounts running you'll need to do captchas alot
    • Check accounts to re-verify by phone daily (followliker notifies you by saying PHONE on the account in question)
    • Whatever niche you are in, start with 10-20 accounts using different settings. See what works, then replicate those settings across other accounts and scale up

    My plan from here is to scale my traffic/leads by....

    • Running comments using Followliker. I've seen that this can greatly increase followers
    • Posting more photos using Schedugram. I've only been doing a few so far manually (followlikers photo posting seems to be glichy. If anyone has success using FL's photo posting I'd love to hear)

    So far I'm up to 3600 followers across all accounts. I'm sure I could be using a better strategy (probably comments) to boost this, but I'm happy so far with the traffic and leads, given that I only spent $100 for the FL software

    Any tips/tricks advice from you Instagram experts, I'd love to hear on how I could improve my results, and I'm sure the IG newbies would love all the help they can get :)
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