How I use Facebook Groups as my buiness Newsletter! Reaching 100k

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    Hi guys,

    hope you are all fine.

    Following the same direction as this thread

    (i cannot post links yet :( ) look for it .. the one about 500k fans in facebook.

    Trying to get the most out of facebook, i have been testing Groups for the last 2 weeks with great success..

    Probably most of you have tried this before, but i will put it here in case theres other noobs like me that will like to experiment! Hope it helps!

    Step by Step Guide on how to use Facebook Groups as your business Newsletter.

    1- Think of a giveaway, like Concert Tickets, a day spa all free or an ipad 2

    2- setup a landing page with 3 steps to make contestants participate - step 1 - like buttons of your pages (no more than 4) Step 2 - Recommend this button (setup nice open graph tags on the landing page for it to get viral on peoples facebook walls ) Step 3 - THIS IS IMPORTANT - Ad this USER PROFILE as a FRIEND ON FACEBOOK. (link a user profile you just created for this matters)

    3- It is reaaally important to understand that the USER profile people is going to add GOT to be NATURAL looking. If you start getting friends requests and you look like an organization, a celebrity or plain fake (not a real person) facebook WILL ASK YOU to migrate your account or be banned!

    4- Setup a Facebook AD. IMPORTANT - It HAS TO BE TARGETED to people that HAS NOT LIKED ANY OF THE PAGES YOU ARE TARGETING. this is easy to do while settup the ad. This will prevent you adding always the same people to the groups you will be forming!

    5.- Once you start running the adds all the process will make you gain likes to your pages and friends requests to the profile you setted up. Now you have to login to the new profile and ACCEPT all those friends request.

    6- While loged in with the new Profile , Open a GROUP RELATED TO YOUR BRAND and make your main profile (the one you use, admin).

    7- ADD ALL THOSE PEOPLE that just became your friends to that group. As you know you can add people to groups without their permition.

    8- THIS IS WHERE THE MONEY IS. ADD ONLY UP TO 4,999 . ... YOU KNOW WHY RIGHT ? .. YES, AFTER 5k ... when you create an EVENT for THE GROUP, facebook WONT INVITE ALL MEMBERS AUTOMATICALLY SENDING THE NOTIFICATION.. so you loose all virallity and automatization.

    9- Once your profile and group gets to 4,900 members/friends , open a new profile and repeat.

    I have done this for my daily deal site. So far i have 15 / 5k member groups... so its free status updates IN THEIR INBOX when i add them to an event using the group.

    I will create an event for each group with the Daily Deal and the event name will be THE DISCOUNT of the deal. in the EVENT INFO space, i will put the link of the deal in my deal site, write 250 words of promotion and end with the link again.

    If you look at this from the numbers perspective it works like this for me:

    To an average Event i create i will get around 450-500 people INTERACTING (this means they SAW the invitation because they neither click ATTENDING, NOT ATTENDING , OR DOESNT KNOW YET) .. from each group.

    This means i get branding everyday in around 7,500 REAL human beings. ONLY from FB GROUPS..

    how many of them convert ? =) Depends on the niche and what are you selling--- you can always try it and find out!

    Hope you find this useful!

    best regards,
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    Right now in the virtual landscape
    Thanks for the share!
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    Very detailed, thanks for sharing.
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    Excellent share - thanks given

    I'm going into f ebook these days - good timing
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    Thank you great advice
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    This is a great idea that I will use.

    Here is the ink to the other Thread