How I Steal My Competitor's Backlinks: Working Method

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Nigel Farage, Mar 14, 2012.

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    My client = small fish. Competition = Big Fish. They have multiple stores in mulitple Cities, they have all sorts of high-level SEO, link pyramids, etc...

    Only, they are now in bankruptcy. The SEO is still working, but Mr. High-End SEO is asleep at the wheel. Maybe not getting paid and so therefore not working.

    Once submitted, certain information gets distributed/shared with LOTS of other directories, many of them are higher PR than the original directory. As a hypothetical, Yelp's information gets shared with a Major US Cities Local Directory, run by a local TV station. (Yelp = PR4, TV station = PR6).

    I can't get my client's information submitted to "faraway major US City's TV station-sponsered" directory, BUT

    What I can do is "edit" the "Big Fish"s information. Keep the phone number, keep the Physical Address. Maybe keep the phone number. But change the URL to

    I've done this enough times to know it's possible, and I'm seeing my backlinks on my highly-classified, top-secret backlink checking tool.

    I am also working on a method of actually stealing the entire entry, which gives me full control over all the data fields and I can put anything I want in there.

    I wonder if I might get a secondary benefit, because in the stolen listing, the name of the business is "BigFish Company", but the URL is "", so I'm wondering if leaving the competitor's business name might help me to rank higher when someone searches for their more well-known name. Having my client's listing at #3 while someone is searching for the competitor might win my client some business, so I'm wondering if Google does things like that.

    Might the method above result in my client listing higher for their competitor's business name?