How I Promote Product Online to earn 1000$ per month?

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    Marketing is more than just an advertising campaign; it should result in revenue for your business. Understanding the different ways to promote your product or service can help you make the right choice for your business.

    The marketing materials that you will need is determined by the type of promotions that you will be running.

    If the vendor did not supply you with any promotional materials, then you will have to create your own.

    If u did not get materials from the product owner, you can create them by yourself or can reach out to them. Make sure you use/check the product before u even start promoting (if u are checking the product, u can create your use screenshots)

    Also make sure you collect info of the people interested in your product (even if they are not buying yet) with a good Autoresponder & send them a useful guide related to the product

    You can promote in multiple ways ... Depending on the product you choose.

    1. If you own a website, make a good review post or write a post for the problem statement & promote your product as a solution.

    2. Write a blog post & post in the respective FB forums

    3. Make a video review or How to Use video & target the interested users (include, free alternatives & highlight why someone should spend money on this product while there are other alternatives)

    4. Answer/comment to genuine questions on the forums with your product link(only genuine)

    Here are a few things that do the trick of marketing for many:

    1. Send Free Samples to Influencers

    2. Start Blogging

    3. Build an Email List

    4. Sponsor an Event

    5. Interview Industry Influencers

    6. Pull a PR Stunt

    7. Experiment with AdWords

    8. Share the Load with Affiliate Marketing

    9. Sell Wholesale to Other Retailers

    10. Publish a Press Release

    11. Pay Attention to Stats

    12. Run a Survey

    13. Network on Forums

    14. Set up a Cartel

    15. Build the Right Relationships

    16. Offer a Contest or Giveaway

    17. Begin Tweeting on Twitter

    18. Make Connections on LinkedIn

    19. Go Visual with Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine

    20. Don’t Forget Facebook

    21. Beat the Competition on Comparison Shopping Engines

    22. Create an Infographics

    23. Design your Store to Look the Part

    24. Hold a Pop-up Store

    25. Document your Launch on Reddit

    Here's another way to promote product:

    1. Buy the product.

    2. Use the product.

    3. Make notes and take photos of the features.

    4. Analyze how the product is differentiated from the others.

    5. List the pros and cons.

    6. Write it all up honestly, from your perspective and tell the reader why you preferred it to all the others.

    7. Don't sell it. Just tell your story and provide a link.

    8. Give it a provocative title and don't waste your time with backlinks unless they are very high quality.

    Here's what to do in a nutshell:

    1) Find niche

    2) Create product

    3) Get site

    4) Create squeeze page

    5) Get autoresponder

    6) Drive traffic to squeeze page

    7) Setup sales page

    8) Email frequently to leads, and lead them to your sales page/affiliate link in your emails

    It is best if you create your own products though instead of being an affiliate. :)
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