How I Make Adwords Send Traffic To My Without The Display URL Matching

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by advancedfuture, Dec 30, 2008.

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    Oct 18, 2008
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    So I've seen a lot of people experiencing issue's trying to get their adwords campaigns to send the traffic straight to the affiliate. But the problem most people experience is the whole "DISPLAY URL DOES NOT MATCH" Issue.

    I'm hesitant to share this as if the big G changes this, it will shut me out of business!

    Here it is.

    Pick a URL you want as the display and destination URL it.

    I.E -
    Display URL: http://www.somsite.c0m
    Destination URL: http://www.somesite.c0m

    Okay you get your campaign setup great! Now this is what you need to do when adding your keywords do it like so:

    Pink Square Widgets **http://www.youraffiliatelinkhere.c0m

    What this does is setup redirection on individual keywords, this DOES NOT have to match your previously entered display and destination URLs! And your add campiang will run without being shutdown! Now you are sending traffic straight to your affiliates landing page! No need to presell and hope you drive traffic to your affiliate!

    Hope this helps =)
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    I'm really shocked you thought about not sharing this to be perfectly honest, and i'll be equally as shocked if 99% of people doing some ppc do not already know this. I'd always assummed it to be common practice? Oh well, a little help to those that don't know can't do any harm. :D
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    I wasn't aware of this trick. Thanks, advancedfuture! :)