Time Saving

Feb 5, 2017
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Hi everyone,
I would like to share my short term experience with you about electronic coins and how I made a good profit in very short time.
I have invested 400$ and purchased bitcoin. However, Bitcoin price was too high in that time. Then I decided to check the potential coins that my go up with in one month.
I decided to purchase Ripple which was 0.2 $ and today it is 1.16 $ which is really a good profit in short time.
I agree that this may be risky. However, it worth try as you can invest some of your money in some coins and get a good profit in short time if you prefer short time investing.
I am preferring long time investing and I have purchased in some other electronic coins that may come up for next 3 months. Today bit coin price is almost 14,000 $ and many people are much worry about that. I am not worrying as I am Sure it will go up much more than 20,000 $.
if you are interested to know how I made the process step by step you can see this video.
I don't know the proper section to share this experience and I am not marketing my video.
it is just sharing my experience and I can't explain every thing in writing.
I hope you find it useful