How I made $75-500 a month off IG[Instagram removes access to 3rd Party Ios android applications??!]

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    I don't know if Im wrong but I recently did some research and realized that instagram revoked access to its API for 3rd party applications. Which means that some apps have been forcibly removed from the app store, or cannot continue to offer the services that it once did. Typical Facebook being a bully etc etc.

    Anyways, for all of you who are unfamiliar, there used to be an app on the app store titled "Folowers Fast" and the app icon is some guy on a rainbow carpet wearing a purple hat. Basically it works like any other follow for follow app. You load up the app, Login. And follow users for coins or like their pictures for coins. But what made this app GREAT was that you could buy coins at extremely reasonable prices, (ex. $14.99 = 500,000 coins) and cool bonuses like:

    -Free 100 coins daily
    -Pay once (.99) for daily 200 coins (on top of ^100) + 1 coin per 3 follows/likes

    So its amazing because you can literally get 100 free coins, and then do a few follows and then immediately be able to get 15 followers to your account for only 150 coins.

    The MAIN feature I loved from the app was that you could switch in and out of accounts, easily, by just swiping right in the main menu and choosing your other account, **up to ten. Then you'd like and follow people and itll add to your total coins. So you don't have to wait for the app to allow you to start liking again. Just switch accounts.

    The app offered everything, minus comments, so you can buy followers with your in-app currency or likes up in the thousands.

    With Jailbreak obviously I was able to take advantage of this algorithm and created a script for an automation bot that would just use the app for me while I watch TV. I managed to gain over 400,000 coins in the midst of doing this.

    Then I reached out to Local businesses and offered to manage their social medias and gave them a free trial or whatever. Gave them organic, and inorganic followers (from the app), and posted media for them.

    What was great was that Instagram wouldn't catch on to the fact that I was getting followers from an app, since I mixed it with organic and inorganic. So my accounts were never ghosted etc etc. On top of using FollowLiker as well. My accounts would sky ROCKET in followers and I would easily be gaining 200-300 followers a day.

    Currently I charge $75-500 a month for minor social media marketing, and it increases per package. So if I do their photography/video/Light room editing/Web design/ Facebook page etc.

    So after giving you guys some advice I'm just asking if any of you guys have or have heard of ANY apps that still offer similar services so I could continue my business, and so you guys could try out this method as well. I don't want to be thrown off the market. I appreciate any help that you guys can offer. I'm trying to avoid subscription services, and just find an Ios app that works. Thank you guys!!

    MAJOR PS :) I'll link the script and Jailbreak app used to anyone who Pm's me with a working app. Thank you again guys!!

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    I remember seeing a bunch of apps similar in nature and I thought they were all just phishing attempts so I stayed away from them; but it sounds like you've outsmarted everyone here, great job.