How I made $50 day with Egay and CL

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    This is how I used to make money with e*gay when it was with CJ. This method can be tweaked and used now if done properly.

    I will give you 2 ways I did this because I'm feeling generous.

    You have HUGE market ready to buy waiting at your fingertips and you probably overlooked this section of CL. I will get to that on the 2nd way.

    This does require some work! Get a free hosting account , set it up then Go to e*gay find something on e*bay that is unique or highly wanted like things for christmas etc. Post a ad selling that item in CL in the same city the ebay auction is from. List it on cl with the same starting price thats offered in the auction. Don't mention it's a auction and don't post the link, also Don't use a autoresponder! let it just go to your email.

    If you get a hot item or something that's unique like antique car or whatever you will get alot of emails. Now go to the hosting account upload and use pictures from the auction. Say whatever you want on the page, I would just take text from the auction and post a teaser with some pics. The page would have a call to action" click here for more information and pictures". This link would be your e*gay affiliate link rinse and repeat....

    The second way -go into CL any city will work go to the "wanted section" those people want to buy! Find something of value or collectible or something along those lines. Go to e*bay and search to find the item they are wanting and send them a email.

    For the email Use the re: from the ad to get there attention.

    Hi I noticed you were looking for "insert item here" and I remembered your ad when I was spending money I didn't have on e*bay the other day,haha

    or you could use

    Hi I noticed you were looking for "insert item here" and I found this on the internet the other day. "insert cloaked affiliate link item here" and also another bonus it is local!
    So I thought I would pass the information along too you . I hope this helps and if you are looking for anything else. I would be glad to help you find it just send me a email.

    Have a great day!
    yourname or pen-name

    The beauty of this is you can use the search function on e*gay and send them a whole page of what they are looking for or you can send a single item.

    I get thank you emails and have had follow up customers,lol

    You can also tweak this and make more money. It's a easy way to make some money but it does require work. If you can automate it you have a goldmine. You have a never ending list of people wanting to buy in every city and every country.

    I have since moved on to other things but it still works if you tweak it.

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    Nice share....I've seen other versions and it is a good way to earn extra cash.
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    Cool method :) Thanks for the read
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    egay ?? sorry i am not gay...but i can consider promoting this affiliate program... :D
    Just kidding...
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    Not a bad plan. This is how I made my first dollar online. It does work, but does require a lot of effort.