How i got my url's to memberlists, for email scraper

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    Hey guys! I do know there is alot of better ways to scrape these forums for email url's without wasting any time googleing around for your niche.
    I was bored, needed some mail adresses and just started learning php so i wrote a script, this is how I got my url list with targeted emails.

    First off google inurl:memberlist.php "send e-mail" targeted keyword and pick a forum of your interest.
    Scroll to the buttom and it'll look something like this pic.png .

    1. Check so the email can be found in pure text.
    2. Check how many members there is listed / page.
    3. Check how many pages there is.

    Try the script in action at schvamp.hostei.c.o.m/phpBBemail-urlbuilder

    A. Enter url to the forum.
    B. Enter how many members there is /page (2).
    C. Enter amount of pages (3).
    E. Get urls to the whole memberlist wich you know can enter into a scraper.

    And still, i know there is better ways. The script can be downloaded at the link above and is runing offline (it's just a calculator in php lol ;))

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