How I Got My Site To Fist Result Of Google And Got No Sales

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    Yes, I brought my one week old website to first rank in Google. But after few weeks I realized something, there were no sales.

    Why you should think before you leap?

    I created this website when I saw there was practically no competition for a review keyword of a popular blogging course. The course was new and the creator was famous. Since it was new I couldn't analyze the traffic of the keyword. The main site of this course had an alexa rank above 100,000 so assumed that the review keyword will be getting good traffic and the traffic will increase as time pass by. I didn't get the exact match domain. So I had to do some more link building than them. With this I was on first page for many related keywords and first result for my target keyword.

    • I commented on blogs with top commentator widget with my keyword. These links are do follow and this widget is present on every page. So I got a lot of links this way. Some of the pages had pr.

    • I guest posted on blogging related blogs and created a byline to my affiliate website.
    I got good traffic from these guest posts. I got not-so-bad traffic from Google for few days. I had created pretty good squeeze page for this. I got some hops a day (it was a clickbank product). But the reality was after few days the traffic from Google was like 1 or 2 visits a day. That is when I realized you need to think before you leap.

    I should have waited till I found there is enough traffic on the keyword before attempting to create a website on that. Now I am under the process of transforming the site into free blogging and money making course to get email optins. Hope my new method works.

    I wrote this post just to remind this. Think before you leap. Don't start a website just because it has low competition. Make sure it has sufficient traffic to monetize it.

    Hope this post has been helpful.
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