How I got my site out of the Google penalty (aka Google dance)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by vis3r, Mar 11, 2011.

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    So my site got penalized by Google. It got from the first page to about 1000th results down at the bottom of the index. I knew that eventually it will come back, but it just took too long, and I'm not really that patient...

    Anyway, I was waiting for 4 months and it just didn't want to come back, so then I decided I would try and get it out myself. Here's what i did:

    Bought 20+ unique articles (300 words each). Don't have to be keywords that you'll actually want to rank for, just some unique content related to your niche.

    Put 3 outbound links to the footer of each page on my site. The links were pointing to authority sites that won't compete with my keywords, but are very related to my niche (Wikipedia page about your niche, etc).

    301 redirected one of my other sites in the same niche to the penalized domain (didn't really need the other domain anymore, it did have some links pointing to it).

    Next day I was out of the penalty, back to the 2nd page, and now I'm rising fast back to the 1st page and to the top.

    So if your site got penalized as well try doing what i did and see if it helps.
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    I found the same two variables were most important in my sites getting back to the front page:

    1. new original content updated every couple weeks
    2. outbound links to related content, even if it was competing

    also, the outbound links are never affiliate links.

    One other thing, I started manually compiling content from sources and commenting on it. Like copying two related blog posts, making my own comment, and linking back to source. Only takes ten minutes but it seems to be something google wants to see.
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    Just to clarify, a google dance is NOT a penalty at all.

    Google Dance tends to be a good thing more often than not.

    Your penalty was not a google dance at all.

    A google dance tends to mean your ranking positions change pretty much every day, sometimes more than once a day for a few weeks.

    Longest Google dance i have seen is 3 weeks, longest i have heard about is 2 months. But i only believe what i have seen. My google dances tend to last around 1-2 weeks