{How} I got my level 4 Yahoo Answers Account UNBANNED!

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    So, i had a lvl 4 yahoo answers account that i used for posting in the past. I was away in the US and was too busy to use my account until a few weeks ago.

    When i logged back into my account after 3 months of not using it i was greeted with a BAN and my account was dropped to a lvl3 account.

    I was pissed as hell! I emailed them about why and all i got back was a canned response. In that canned response i was told to view the TOS to find out why my account may have been banned.

    ... but i was not satisfied. I sent an email to team dealing with this issue. Another canned response. Again, i was pissed off as hell so i finally sent them this email

    Hello, i am not satisfied with this reply.
    Please provide the exact reason as to why i was suspended. Please point to the exact TOS violation with an example of what it was, and for what reason, my account was suspended.
    I understand you reply using CANNED responses but if you cant back up your proof of my wrong doings by showing exactly why, when and where i violated this TOS then how can you substantiate a ban?
    As far as i can see i have not violated the TOS therefore i request proof. If you cant do that please escalate this inquiry to someone who can.
    Thank you.
    Today i checked my account. It has been unbanned and back at lvl 4.

    If you get into this situation, make sure you fight for your rights and make sure you ask them to tell you EXACTLY why they banned your account. They need to point to the exact violation in the TOS or they have no grounds for dismissal in my opinion.

    For all i know, someone could have simply reported me (competitor) for any reason.

    Hope this helps!
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    Don't let yourself foold.... ever.... If somebody doesn't have proof it's always a false claim. You did a goog job.. The want to ewhore you and you ewhored them :p
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    Goood Job mate