How I got my Adsense account banned when doing due dilligence on a site

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    So I was doing due dilligence on a site. The owner of the site got his Adsense acc banned and offered to have my Adsense acc put up for proof everything is fine and that the revenue is there. I am all up for it (now how many times do you see seller offer your ads to be run on the site).

    I've never dealt with Adsense so go there, read the rules, signup and get the site approved. I make the first ad and send the seller the ad. Then I realize why not just let the seller in and have him set all the ads so they are exactly the way they should be. I had nothing to hide as it was a new acc and "nothing to risk" and I would change the pass later on. How mistaken was I.

    Ok he goes in sets the ads and they start showing on the site. Good. Revenue is there, numbers start piling up. Good.

    At the end some other buyer bought the site (this was on Flippa) through BIN. Fine. The new owner takes down the ads, two weeks later I get Google's PIN via snail mail. I enter it and I am all set. Since new owner took over and took my ads down 2 weeks pass.

    Then yesterday I receive an email I had my adsense account disabled for this reason:
    Our specialists have found that your account is related to an account that was disabled for violations of AdSense policies. As previously mentioned, publishers whose accounts have been disabled are not eligible for further participation in the AdSense program.

    I was like WTF. Then proceeded further to file an appeal. I had no idea WTF did I get sacked for. They didn't provide any info as to how am I related.

    I took the time to explain everything, take screenshots, prove that I was buying a site etc. To a human that would seem normal at the end. I really took the time. After a few minutes I got a reply from them saying:
    We've reviewed your appeal, but we are unable to reinstate your account. Decisions on appeals are the result of careful investigation by our policy specialists and are final.

    What a bunch of lying lazy f****! They didn't even go through my appeal. It would take them 15 minutes to comprehend what happened but they just pressed that GFY button and moved on.

    And it was then it hit me.

    The previous owner was accessing my account and with his footprint it looked like HE created a new account for himself! Son of a...! And I so conveniently thought I have "nothing to risk" and it would be so convenient.

    When you get their "final" email reply you are done. They won't listen and do anything to correct the mistake. And they stole $625 I had in there. I had to refund the $625 to the previous owner before the ads went up. I was waiting for the end of this period to get the money paid and just got a stab in the back instead.

    Lesson learned.

    Now I have to fix myself a new identity. It's silly we have to play cat & mouse game like that but they leave no choice.

    New company, address, bank account, IP...

    Do I have to get a new laptop as well or am I safe behind a router?
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    Stopped reading half way through.

    When a site has an adsense account banned then adds another account then that account does tend to get banned too.
    The previous owner knew that and scammed you if you paid him any money.

    He probably just wanted ads showing on the site so that he could scam somebody on flippa.
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    Forgot to add that he said he had the account banned because of something he did on another site. Unrelated to the site he was selling. He even used his friend's Adsense account at the time on the site so he could prove the numbers and then offered to put our own Adsense acc there too so we could see it for ourselves. He had that published in his Flippa auction description as first thing. So he didn't use me as a cover. He didn't do this on purpose to mislead the others as that wasn't his intent. I put him thrugh a lot of hassle through private messages before I suggested we try it through my acc.

    If account was banned becaue of the site would I be allowed to even add the site to my account? I don't think so. I dig this forum for answers at that time and everyone said if the site wasn't banned you are all good. If it is, you won't even get it added.

    So I thought I am all good and the site is all good.
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    A lesson in that.....there is no good reason ever to let someone else you don't know personally and very well use your Adsense account. In fact, I wouldn't even let someone I knew well and trusted use it.