How I Got 40 Double Optins (With More Coming) in Only a Few Hours!

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    Hey everyone. So the other day I decided I wanted to get into Instagram. I had no idea how exactly I was going to monetize yet, so I just started following people and building my account. It took a long time to manually follow so I built a small bot to do it for me which only took about an hour.

    Now I started a new account based on women's clothing. I don't have a website promoting anything, but I looked into Instagram stats and found most users we're older females. I decided to just set my webpage to my squeeze page offering a free weight loss guide. Last night I had the bot follow 10k people, so far of which, 1600 have followed back. This process took about a couple hours or so, I'm not too sure as I wasn't checking up and had followed the maximum amount. So far I have 40 double optins in my list, so I'm pretty impressed with the result. I have now coded the bot to unfollow people and will be repeating the process all over again. As long as this doesn't get patched I think I can get my list to the point where I will be making at least enough to get by on. Keep in mind the 40 subs we're only from a couple hours of following! I'm going to be running the bot 24/7 soon to see what it can really do for me.

    Anyway, hope this get's some people moving.

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