How I get free original articles, photos and videos for my website.

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    One of the places I have found for help with content is with student internships.

    My website is a well established entertainment website.

    I offer non-paid internships for students that want work experience in writing, videography and/or photography. They get experience, a by-line and proof of work for their resume.

    The free work pool is endless. Some other areas are art, web design, graphic arts and one guy that makes excellent videos for YouTube.

    It has allowed me to have "reporters" for events all over the US. They can usually get a press pass and receive free stuff.

    Events require proof of past articles. There are two ways I use to get the interns work up on the website.
    1. They can do research on the net and write an article.
    2. They can also do local events like bands, they can video tape, photograph and do CD reviews for them. The bands are thrilled and my reporter gets experience.

    Another area I thought of was students in game design and development. They will do anything for free tickets to a Con the goodie bags for press are impressive.

    They have to be 18 or over and sign an agreement that makes sure they understand that they are a volunteer, not an employee, do not get wages or expenses and they are not entitled to worker's comp if they are injured.

    This has worked well for me over the past 6 years and I hope it will give you some ideas.
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    Nice, I like it. Transferring this to other areas would be difficult but rewarding.
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    That is true to some extent.
    Getting some one to research on a topic and writing an article should work for all areas.

    These are the titles of research articles all written by interns. These were posted today on my favorite website.

    Breaking: Minecraft 1.4 is Live

    How Much Does Your Cellphone Carrier Know About Your Life?

    BaconAir: The Greatest Invention of This or Any Century

    Google Cracking Down on Android Fragmentation

    Newport Beach Library Could Go Bookless

    Millions of Spiders Blanket Entire Trees in Webs [Pics]

    It's World Backup Day. Is Your Data Backed Up?

    Coffee Joulies Use Phase Changes to Keep Coffee Temperature Just Right

    Swedish Boy Skis into Bear Den, Survives

    Google to Bring Fast Fiber Internet Service to Kansas City

    Sponge Map Shows Human Water Consumption in 2030

    Boston College Tells Students That Using a Wireless Router Is a Common Sign of Copyright Infringement

    Google Goes Social, Sort Of: Officially Rolls Out +1

    Samsung Shipping Laptops With Preinstalled, Active Keylogger [Update]

    North Carolina Broadband Bill Could Stifle Fast, Cheap Municipal Networks