How I fought back against Penguin. Simple method that seems to have worked.

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    My ecommerce site got slapped HARD. Main KW's were ranked 4 and 7 - now outside of the top 500. Several minor KW's that also ranked between 3 - 7 also got slapped outside of the top 500. So, I decided to try what a competitor does to rank number 1 & 2 for one of my main keywords. Here's what I did on the 26th (last thursday):

    1) Created a new page with the just the KW in it. I'll use footballs in this example, so

    2) Wrote a brand new 700 word article using the following structure:

    Title: Footballs for sale | Buy Online at

    H1 Tag: Footballs for Sale at

    Image: footballsforsale.jpg alt: footballs for sale

    H2 tag: Footballs for sale part 1: Choosing the right Ball


    H2 tag: Footballs for sale part 2: Choosing the right Brand


    H2 tag: Footballs for sale part 3: How much to spend?


    H2 tag: Footballs for sale part 3: How long will a football last?


    Then 1 link to the homepage using just the anchor text footballs for sale and a link to the wikipedia page for footballs.

    3) Created a wordpress page and added a brand new 800 word article covering the same subject, but included a link to wikipedia, 1 to another authority site and 1 to this page using a longtail KW.

    I had literally no pages in the top 500 for my keywords, however this page has just gone from nowhere (i.e. not even indexed) to number 12. Obviously it's early days, but the above strategy has been used by a competitor to hold places 1 and 2 for a 2,000,000 exact key phrase for 4-5 months.

    Not a sure-fire method by any means but definitely worth a shot.
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