How I Finally Started Seeing Some IM Cash; and How You Can Too

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    Hey my fellow IMers. I've looked around bhw a lot for atleast a year, though I only recently actually made an account here. For my first "legit" thread, I'd like to share something back with the community that's helped me so much & continues to - you guys are the best! I spent a year trying all sorts of different methods to make bank online (including my own). I added unique twists to the ones i learned here and yet I only saw losses, especially with my attempts at PPC. Granted, I had to take this slowly, as working at Hollister doesn't leave me rolling in cash to invest into IM (its a great job though, I love it haha). Anyways, recently, I finally started seeing some excellent profits. As of this point, I'm still in the hole about $400 total, but I have no doubts I will quickly make that back and much more now that I have a scalable, working model, and some experience to help me creating new models.

    What I want to share is not just a method, as those easily get saturated and so I see it as pointless to just spoonfeed people something that will only work for a couple days max.. this isnt a WSO afterall!

    The most important things that I learned in my IM Journey so far are:

    1) You're not an Internet Marketer, you're an innovator.
    I can't stress this one enough. Following other peoples methods is never gonna make you a millionaire. Like a quote from some movie I can't remember goes "you gotta either be first, be smarter, or cheat." What are innovators? They're first, they're smarter. They don't read other peoples methods, they create their own!

    2) Traffic is worth it's weight in gold
    You can make anything, ANYTHING work with enough traffic. So take any old guide on this forum, and stop thinking "How can I make money?" Instead, think "How can I bring MORE TRAFFIC to this model?"
    You'll thank me, I promise.

    Anyways, that's about all I got for now, thanks again to everyone here & happy IMing!
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