How i can trick them to approve my email campaign in some ESP?

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    anyone can share some tips/tricks how your email campaign been approved in their reviews coz some esp wont allow their services in work at home niche or affiliate marketing.?
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    This may or may not work for you, but I do know it works. It's shady and could get you into some hot water...but it works. I'm assuming you are referring to using self-serve email platforms that review your campaign before sending it. Here is what you do.

    Step 1: Find a local business with corresponding website in your area
    Step 2: Register a plural domain name of that small business (i.e, instead of
    Step 3: Make a new account with the self-serve email platform using the name and address of that small business.
    Step 4: Take a couple images off their site (i.e., name, logo staff, etc...) and create a clickable email campaign like you're sending current customers a coupon.
    Step 5: Host that image on your new domain.
    Step 6: Take your email campaign and make yours a clickable image.
    Step 7: Initiate sending email through self-serve platform with small business image/campaign.
    Step 8: Once small business email/campaign is approved, swap out with your email campaign.

    Now most platforms only take a couple minutes to do the review process so it's best to stand-by so you can do the switch right away. Always stay on top of checking back to see if approved. The email platform thinks you're a small business sending to your customers. In your FTP just find that image and replace with your campaign. Once reviewed and approved the platform will not be looking back at your campaign unless you have a high bounce or spam rate. If you get banned then simply start over. They would be fools to start turning down new business so as long as you keep signing up under different companies' names then your accounts and sending will be approved.
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