How i can promote my freebie product

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    Hello all :)

    Today I finished configuring my site with free report to download. Because I don't have money to promote my site, I looking for tips how can i promote it and gain more subscribers without money.

    - I have one video (but without views).
    - I have one squeeze page
    - I started today trial (30 days) account in autoresponse service with max 250
    - I posted a post on d-p forum with link to my page
    - I have twitter account with 11k followers (not working - i don't know why, people don't click?)
    - 0 subscribers

    I have 30 days to find the golden mean, otherwise everything will collapse again.

    Please help me if you can...

    Few months ago i created two niche sites, but i don't have clicks from adsense. It's horrible, still I am doing something wrong:/
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    Constantly befuddled by this question, which pops up all the time.
    You built a website without any thought whatsoever of what would happen when you were done?
    Like building a car in a place with no roads - where'd you expect to go once you got the thing built?
    Didn't this question occur to you before you started?

    2/3 of the information on the internet is about how to market on the internet - read some of it. The question is answered, ad nauseum, with the same 5 or 6 'stock' things to do - article writing, social bookmarking, yada, yada, yada ...
    There's lots of good information on this site, but little of it comes in response to questions like this.
    Google 'internet marketing', find sources with proven success, then read, create a plan, implement it, evaluate what you have done and revise as required until you're satisfied with the results.
    If you're looking for the Recipe for Success in a thread reply, probably not going to find it.
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    what's your niche??