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How i came across bhw... Ice breaking time... Ready to post my first threat ...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by spartan5, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. spartan5

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    Mar 10, 2013
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    CT, USA
    Don´t know if members actually write their story of how they found this forum, or what brought them here... but here we go, thought would be fun to share mine.

    Just a few weeks ago when I was receiving my first tax returns as an ¨official¨ permanent resident of the US, I also received a not so warming welcoming from uncle Sam to this country. The amount of taxes taken out of our 40+ hours of work per week was just a big slap in the face, I live in the New England area and I keep hearing that taxes are high particularly around here but come on... am I ever gonna get out of debt from what I had to pay throughout my residency process? ...Was really shocking to know we worked hard and lawfully to achieve our first step in starting a life together in the US. So yeah, wasn´t fun for my wife and me to receive a $39 dollar return when we both claimed 0, and did everything our accountant asked us to do...

    At the same time I have been a lawful and loyal ebay buyer/seller with a lot of feedback and a 100% for quite some time (5 yrs) and my only purpose was to sell items I no longer use, all in great conditions I have to say, its been always a really fun hobby.

    Adding to the story... I am somewhat computer savvy, and without being egocentric I can consider myself smart; you show me something new, I can surely develop it, find new ways or even improve it, love challenges... so here is the deal, weeks ago during that time when I received my tax returns I also received what I thought was the coolest Nike soccer ¨player issue¨jersey from one of my fav english teams for what I thought was a great bidding price... to my surprise the seller´s address wasn´t in the return label, but instead it had this interesting Chinese words and symbols... Yeah, that was it... curiosity killed me... couldnt stop thinking if the jersey that I received was real or not, side by side with a real one bought from the Nike store you couldnt tell the difference at all, at moments I was bold enough to say the Chinese one was better built!! and my biggest concern was ¨did I just pay for something that I believe was a bargain but in reality was 200% cheaper??

    ...And yes it was, research, research and I guess stubbornness took me to find reliable wholesale suppliers in different asian locations, most offering ¨TOP QUALITY¨ for 3 times less of what I paid... ahhh, dont forget the 5 DAY FREE SHIPPING through EMS!!

    Without extending my story into a boring tale, when my wife and I received $39 back from the country after being good tax payers, I said to myself, I need a side job!! cant afford this ... and ebay popped in my mind dont really know why, maybe coz I was still stocked up from my new jersey and thought I could make good money... my head formulated the following... few hours a week + post good quality prods + my good luck selling online + spending a few minutes a day on my smartphone = $$$$ ...to my surprise I didnt know it was super illegal to sell replicas or fakes on ebay although they look better than real ones ... thats when I start learning about Vero prods, and ebay stealth accounts, and 10 paypal accounts, and paranoid feelings of feds chasing you... and the list goes on... my brain has been in override for the last few weeks figuring things out, weighing, analyzing, marketing the jerseys with friends and fellow soccer players, because yes... I did order samples, and yes... Im still interested in selling them without being greedy and chasing the big bucks... but also after finding BHW I saw theres unlimited ways of wholesaling stuff that can be taxed and be legit as well...

    This forum has taught me so much on internet marketing, from black hat to white hat, from identity theft to swiz banks, from drop shipping to legit wholesale... its so much fun to learn new stuff but mostly to read posts from wicked smart and knowledgable people in the internet business... my respects... and here I am, opening myself to you guys trying to break some ice... Hope you get some fun out of reading from noobs like me.

    ...and just to clarify, I am not looking to profit from scamming... dont want to feel the feds gonna knock at my door one morning for stealing SS#... but I think that if I was really happy with the jersey I bought why cant other people be as well if they pay a decent price just to cover my expenses and give me a reasonable profit margin... I know, trademarks and that crap... sucks!! people cant afford $120 soccer jerseys, why cant we get the same for $50.... what do you think? any input is more than welcomed! :)
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