How I Built A Top 100 Blog In 12 Months & How You Can Do It Too! (THANKS BHW)

Great post Matt! Definitely read your entire guide and learned so much from it. Wish you the best of luck in your journey.
Wow, great post! Love how you broke down the months/earnings and actually take us step-by-step through what adjustments you made to increase your viewers. Thank you for this encouraging/informative post and congrats on the success!

I follow your tread, and will read the details. I need a quick way to sales. I am a beginner, I'm sorry if there are any language

632,452 pageviews In one year is amazing!

You are really inspiring me to do same

Long read, but nice info, and I'm also checking out your blog. I am starting my very own blog as well, and thinking I can pick up some helpful tips from ya. Will sure hit you up once I get to a point where I have questions or need help. Thanks for putting it together.

Reading it now, thanks dude

Solid info, this will definitely help with some projects I have in mind. I too have spent years reading and implementing some stuff but now it's time to really go all in. I appreciate the help!

Amazing and motivating, i would add a forum on top of a blog.

great post op I want to do something like this

Interesting guide.. Thanks for taking time create for us. Appreciate your effort.
Best of luck

OP i think you pay some kind of fee to Google to rank your blog higher. How you do it ?

Nope , google is just trying to make a impression for noobs that you not need links to rank.

I'm very happy that I found your website. It has tons of info. Thanks!

good info, and very good

Great post Matt! Definitely read your entire guide and learned so much from it. Wish you the best of luck in your journey.

This thread is great. One of the many jems on bhw. Thanks OP

That is something to thrive for. Thanks for the write-up.

huh very big journey. I have started reading it . Thanks for your share.

Thank you so much! Your jurney is so attractive and give me motivity to continue my work!

Thanks for your kind words guys - any questions feel free to ask or catch me in person at ungagged/bhw london.

Hey hi Matthew Woodward
do you have Paid tutorials of your on Seo or Link building or Social Media

No sorry

I can't believe you only earned 73k with such a huge blog.

I mean, great case study, awesome ideas, awesome blog but only 73k? That looks like a 6/7 figure blog to me for sure.

Check out the latest updates

Wow. I also noticed you buy ads or something like that on Facebook. I visited your website once on my mobile, and then your facebook page popped up while I was browsing my facebook.
Is your website down? I can neither open it nor ping it....isitdownrightnow also says the site is down, thats very unfortunate I would really have loved to read it!

EDIT// It works again :)
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Thank you for taking your time to show this. I have just started my own blog, in a small-ish niche and i am going to spend the rest of today pouring over everything you have documented. I've already done a lot of work on it, i just hope not to much has been wasted.
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