How I Built A Top 100 Blog In 12 Months & How You Can Do It Too! (THANKS BHW)

I check your posts almost every day. Really good blog and tips. And I like your writing style
Another terrific read thanks Matthew. And congratulations on your accomplishments.
I love your blog and your tutorials!

Spent my day reading your blog post and subscribed.

Haha, first thought come one this is just another Thread of some of the big ones to just get their name more googled, but then I've seen this Post: Now I like you haha Congrats to your success. We'll see hopefully we never have to outrank eachother

congrats buddy. was a nice read!

Thanks will read later looks good

thanks for sharing! I will read this I seem very interesting

It is a long read but there are quite a few golden nuggets in there. Plus the rest of the content on the site is also worth your time.

I am following you from year now . Great blog and Tips.

I'm not read all your content, waste time

When I started reading this I really didn't expect it to be so inspiring. Great post!

This was an awesome read and I'm glad I did! I'm totally addicted to your site now.

In fact, I'm setting up a new blog myself, so I followed your video and installed all the plugins you recommended and got them all configured earlier today.

Thanks for all the amazing, quality information you provide, Matthew. You're a huge inspiration.

Post looks quite interesting, will definitely read this till the end.

Thanks Matt for your Book, that's really helpfull and your blog is so cool! I hope to learn more about SEO from you!

This is such an awesome post! Love the site and your style of writing. Its given me a major, much needed kick up the arse to get blogging!

Awesome blog bro bookmarked for any help needed in future.

That is actually a record

bookmarked, thanks

I don't doubt this at all, had it great pre-panda/penguin but about 4 - 6 hours a week lol. Nice job mate

Hello. Frankly speaking, I did not like "no backlinks" strategy and did not read that post, but your blog is just awesome. I have bookmarked it. Thanks.

Very good blog and article posting. Although, I did not sit through the entire several hours of reading the entire thing, I do plan to. It looks like it's got some very useful information for the people looking for a little inspiration.

Thank you for sharing Matt

I printed off the pdf (which means you got a tweet ) so I can read this on a long drive today. I'm sure some parts are worth reading a few times.

Thanks mate. I read this post a while ago but now I am following it to build my new blog with adding a few improved strategies.

I hope they will blend nicely with your step by step guide. I will share the results.


Damn that's pretty impressive.

Something I wanted to do for quite a long time.

I'm one of your avid reader my friend. Congrats to your success bro.

I check your posts almost every day. Really good blog and tips. And I like your writing style

Thanks, will def carve some time out to read as others have given good reviews.

Another terrific read thanks Matthew. And congratulations on your accomplishments.

Thanks very much guys!

There is a serious lack of questions though - please feel free to ask away and I'll guide you!

Also if any of you are hitting up the BHW/UnGagged conference, I like beer ;)
Wow, great post! Love how you broke down the months/earnings and actually take us step-by-step through what adjustments you made to increase your viewers. Thank you for this encouraging/informative post and congrats on the success!
I follow your tread, and will read the details. I need a quick way to sales. I am a beginner, I'm sorry if there are any language:cool::cool::cool:
Long read, but nice info, and I'm also checking out your blog. I am starting my very own blog as well, and thinking I can pick up some helpful tips from ya. Will sure hit you up once I get to a point where I have questions or need help. Thanks for putting it together.
Solid info, this will definitely help with some projects I have in mind. I too have spent years reading and implementing some stuff but now it's time to really go all in. I appreciate the help!
I can't believe you only earned 73k with such a huge blog.

I mean, great case study, awesome ideas, awesome blog but only 73k? That looks like a 6/7 figure blog to me for sure.
Interesting guide.. Thanks for taking time create for us. Appreciate your effort.
Best of luck :)
OP i think you pay some kind of fee to Google to rank your blog higher. How you do it ?
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