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[HOW] I bank thousands some nights online and or offline some days. So easy!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by MillionaireMindset, Jul 27, 2011.

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    Jul 6, 2011
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    Create an account at any online gambling website(I like Bodog). The more money you deposit, the better, just due to the fact that if you start with only 50$ you could run bad right from the beginning and not have enough to cover the bets. I will explain why later.

    Go to big G and search: Blackjack Strategy and go to images in a different window and put Blackjack and the image side by side so you don't have to keep opening the different windows.

    You always want to play by the book and to do so, just follow the rules in the image that you pulled up beside the Blackjack window. The rules in that image are considered the best possible way to play and you ALWAYS want to follow them, regardless of how big your bet might get. It will tell you when you hit, double and stay based on the cards you have vs. the cards the dealer has.

    Make an initial bet of 1$ and press deal. See what cards the dealer has and see what you have and then see what the book says to do for your hand vs. what the dealer has on the image you pulled up next to blackjack. Once the hand is completed and you have won or lost, you will do as follows:
    If you lose, you double your bet
    If you win, you continue betting the same amount
    If you push/tie, you keep the same bet regardless of the amount

    It is impossible to lose every single hand. Eventually you have to win a hand again and by doubling your bet each time you lose, it evens out what you lost on the hand(s) before and when you win a hand(s), you take that money each time. So for every hand you win, you will make that money and for the hand(s) you lose, you continue to double your bet until you win, which will then get you back to the amount of money you had before that losing streak.

    Here's an example video of me using the system for a few minute:

    - Always be sure to continue to double your bet, regardless of how high it might get sometimes.
    - Always play by the book.

    **Obviously this can be done with Craps and Roulette also and can be played live in any casino.**

    Goodluck and don't forget to thanks and rep!