How hard was it for you to get where you are now in IM?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by moonbitee, Apr 20, 2009.

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    Mar 26, 2009
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    I read this forum every day at least 2 hours per day since about a month now.

    And i was wondering how hard was to get success on IM for you, i mean how tough was to get to that first steady income for you, i question this myself because i have still not been able to earn serious money on IM just a bit there and another bit there once a while. I work with a friend in every method we adventure online, and is really amazing for us to now look back a month ago when we were just starting out trying pathetic methods to earn money online.

    We started trying out filling out surveys, getting paid to surf, to read emails, and all that crap. And now 1 month later we see INTERNET as something completly different, now we are able to see the whole picture, and god is so easy to earn money online, we have not earned anything significant yet but we have no worries because we know that eventually we WILL earn money online, is just amazing how fast you start to learn that is obvious that if you are a determinated person you will get to live the dream of making a living out of internet.

    Im just feeling that for us the process will be slower because we dont speak native english and second we live in southamerica so we are a bit unaware of the current buzz that is making money, but that is just an obstacle that we will pass in some point of the road.

    So i wanted to know how did you got into this, and how hard was for you to get where you are now.

    Cheers and thank you black hat members for this great place to learn.
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    May 20, 2008
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    When I had a 9-5 day job a few years ago, I was already experimenting with IM and was making ok money. That's why I quit my day job and started doing this full time. Then I hit a snag in that niche and I kind of gave up up on it. I still made money with it but it got harder and took more of my time.

    Fastforward to about 2 months after I joined this forum; I finally found a technique that worked for me. I read a lot in this forum and put several pieces of the puzzle together and started making good money. I'm still doing the same thing today and I don't see my niche or market disappearing any time soon.

    Before any of you ask, I'm doing CPA. It's where the money is for me. Please don't ask exactly what it is I'm doing because I won't divulge my techniques. No PM's please.
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    hey i am from sudAmerica too.
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    I still learn a little each and every day and I've been doing it (whitehat as well as black) since 97. Bring back DOS I love it!