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How Hard Is Email Marketing? (I have multiple local sites that get lots of emails)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by SpiderBlast, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. SpiderBlast

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    Jan 6, 2012
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    To be specific, I have 4 local sites, all ranking in the top 3 of google for between 15-40 keywords.

    These sites consistently produce a good volume of calls, and I monetize those calls by sending them
    to local businesses and collecting commissions. This has always been my "bread & butter" and where
    my main marketing income comes from.

    I have fairly diverse funnels with website keywords, google place and youtube keywords ranking.
    And I'm in the process of scaling by adding more content, more videos and ranking more keywords.

    Anyway, this is the bad part of the story. I get about 5-15 emails a day... and its way too much for
    me to deal with. Early on in the process, I would manually respond to each email. And sometimes,
    depending on the questions people had, I could waste 30-45 minutes just putting together 1 message.
    Some days I wasted 2-3 hours responding to these emails or follow up emails that never resulted in
    calls. Even though I always tried to drive them to the phone.

    The one thing I noticed over a few months, these email "leads" ALWAYS converted like shit. It seemed
    to be more browser traffic than buyer traffic. And my goal was ALWAYS to drive them to the phone,
    which never really worked. Also keep in mind, I'm not a bad writer. I can write very professional, very
    compelling emails. But no matter what I did, it seemed only about 1 out of every 10 emails would
    actually call.

    Then 90% of them would "fall through the cracks".

    So apparently I need a lesson in email marketing. To be perfectly honest, I'm NOT SURE how to handle
    these emails at all. Its got to the point where I ignore most of them.

    Most just say something like:

    "we'd like an inspection and live in xxxx town, we have xxxx problem and would like a price on the work".

    Some of them ask fairly complicated questions, that takes a lot of time to answer.

    And I NEVER respond to these emails immediately. I usually only check once a day around 5pm, and I'm
    not sure if thats a bad thing. Cause by phone, its an immediate response. By email, they get a response later
    in the day when I check my email. A lot of people send them after 6pm the day before, so its almost 24 hours
    till I get back to them.

    So WHAT am I doing wrong?
    Is it a timing problem?

    Should I set up mailchimp or some type of autoresponder?
    I have LOTS of emails in my accounts, that I've either ignored, or have answered and got no response.
    Then email loops that went back and forth a few times, the person got their answers, and would say something
    like "well, we don't need this done for a few weeks, so I'll get in touch with you soon". Then they never call lol.

    Maybe cause I'm not following up with them?

    A business friend told me that he has an autoresponder that emails the people a link to their site. And on that
    page they have to fill in a survey (to qualify the lead). It also has a small FAQ then it pushes people to call.

    But then another part of me feels like it would be cool if I could send these people automated messages once
    a week. Like a 3 level sequence or some type of offer that expires in 3 weeks.


    I can deal with forwarding and tracking phone calls, but email leads suck. And as much money as I make every
    month I feel like an idiot not knowing a thing about email marketing. I literally have dozens and dozens of emails
    every week that I just ignore now. But since 1 sold job can get me 4 figure commissions, I really need a more
    professional way to deal with this.

    Do I drive these people to sign up for a newsletter? (after they email)
    Do I drive them to call?
    Do I have the right to send a person multiple emails (once a week) after they email me one time?
    Like if they don't respond to my first email, can I send them another email a few days later, then another email
    a week later?

    Is that considered spamming?

    I could really use some advice on this.
    My goal is to automate the process. But I'm not sure what my goal should be. Do I need to push them hard to
    the phone one time? Or do I push them to sign up for a newsletter?

    Thanks guys,

  2. techfan

    techfan Junior Member

    May 22, 2012
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    It seems like the people you are getting emails from are not signups but more of a question.

    Auto responders and email marketing is good for people signing up to your list, so you can drip feed them emails till they convert.

    Now I dont know your business, but it seems generic auto emails might not help you. However you can likely setup an email that tells them to call you ASAP.

    Also the advice your friend gave you seems your best bet. It essentially automatically funnels the propective buyers to hot leads and thus you only contact the ones that make it through the funnel, increasing your conversions and reducing time spent.

    Email marketing converts well b/c you have many oppurtunities to do it vs a visitor just coming to your site and leaving.

    I think your bigger problem is that most of the emails you get are people trying to get free answer to their problems and maybe they will solve the problem themselves. i.e they are using you for free advice :) You might have to learn on how to funnel them out (i dont know how you will do this) or learn to become a better sales person and convert them yourself.

    I highly recommend you force them to enter the name, email and number in the contact form. That way you have there number and you can just call them. You might also want to include a "limited time offer" to get them from preventing saying "I'll hire you later." You can tell them there is a special limited time offer. You can also say if they dont fix the problem immediately it will make it worse and cost more later (mechanics use that one all the time). Of course, be honest. :)
  3. BENNY8877

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    Jan 4, 2010
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    One thing you can do is set up an automated email message for when you're emailed which will say something like "Thanks for your interest. As you can imagine we receive hundreds of emails each and everyday so we decided to set up a F.A.Q. page which will help to answer most common questions you may have. You can find our F.A.Q. here:link"

    On the F.A.Q. page you can set up an optin-form on the right top corner (or whatever) either giving away a helpful guide/book based on the service, or you can say something like "For Tips and Discounts Subscribe to My Email List". Below the F.A.Q. page you can tell them that if their question hasn't been answered to email you at [email protected].

    When you're emailing your list give them helpful advice so that when they do decide to take the plunge they will contact you or whomever you want them to contact because you will have developed a level of trust and will show them that you are knowledgeable about the topic.
  4. Laubster

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    May 21, 2013
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    You're talking about two different things. You are getting customer support emails, not worth anything and more likely to cost you money. Email marketing involves opt-in lists and auto-responders that are on auto-pilot and involve providing value over time and selling something. And a customer support email can't be added to an email list without permission, two different things. Unless you can make them into repeat sales you can't really use email marketing here.
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