how hard/easy is this niche?

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    I am having trouble deciding how hard or easy a certain niche is due to high authority of domains on first page.
    I will describe the first 10 results and I am hoping you can tell me.

    result 1: PR4 domain, ahrefs says DA of 60. over 300 unique backlinks to the domain. The actual page that comes up is an inner page, like and the inner page has 20 backlinks.

    result 2,3: similar to result 1. high domain authority. the actual result is an inner page again. the inner page has around 10 backlinks

    result 4: inner page

    result 5: homepage, not inner page. 7 backlinks

    result 6,7: high domain authority, low authority of actual inner page

    result 8,9: youtube videos, someone spammed 4 million backlinks to these

    result 10: similar to result 6 and 7. ok domain authority, actual inner page that comes up has like 5 backlinks.

    my plan is to get an EMD and focus on a few related keywords. the thing that is scaring me is the domain authorities, the first couple of results are very established sites. is this doable? or should I run away?
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    Not enough information to make an accurate assessment. I'd need to look at the actual DA #'s, # links, usage of keyword in Title, URL, Description, etc.

    However, the good sign in the presence of 2 YT videos in the top 10. I'd go after it, but then again, I don't know what kind of SEO techniques you use. "my plan is to get an EMD" <- Not a good start.