How good is AI like chatgpt for keyword research ?


Nov 22, 2019
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Its good at find semantically related keywords for a seed keyword, better than ahrefs and semrush.
It's also good at clustering keywords together and suggesting categories.
It's good at finding subniches, arranging them based on ymyl difficulty.
No, I am not relying on chatgpt totally.
In my experience, artificial intelligence helps in brainstorming and expanding your keyword list, especially for long tail queries. However, a full-fledged keyword strategy still requires human intuition. No tool compares to the insight you gain from talking to your clients and using their language.

I usually combine AI with manual methods and tools like Ahrefs.
How good is AI like chatgpt for keyword research ? Is anyone here relying completely on chatgpt for keyword research ?
It won't give you competitive scores like other seo tools do but it's great at giving niche relevant long tail keywords which often have low competition.

Fine-tuning chatGPT can give better results for cases like this. @splishsplash had a thread on this iirc
you can get some ideas from chatgpt in terms of keywords, but remember that it does not have access to volume/KD kind of information. even if you ask it to specify it, it will just think it up and that's it. so if you use chat in this way, then be sure to check the metrics.
How good is AI like chatgpt for keyword research ? Is anyone here relying completely on chatgpt for keyword research ?

I have built a few custom GPTs and the output is great. I love the one I build to generate semantically related queries, that shit it´s powerful. Especially when you upload those queries into SurferSEO. The content ranks so much better.
is ok, but with people getting mad with AI don't know if they are crawling all the info still is good and can be used without any problem.
It's good for research and ideas but the way AI can hallucinate, you'll have to confirm it with other methods.
How good is AI like chatgpt for keyword research ? Is anyone here relying completely on chatgpt for keyword research ?
In my view, It is good to take few tips from ChatGpt but relying completely will won't be good because it doesn't give you the competitors keywords, search volume and keyword difficulty.
AI can help in generating content around specific keywords by providing suggestions, not taking sufficient keyword. keyword searching tools are: keyword planner, ubersuggest, Semrush etc.
It's great for the following in keyword analysis & research:

Brainstorming new keyword topics, ideas, niches.
Extracting topical ideas from plaintext articles.
Suggesting missing topically relevant keywords in an existing article.
Creating keyword groups and clusters for specific topics.
Creating content and website structure plan.
Copying keywords and topic ideas from sitemaps.
Segmenting keywords based on search intent.

It's the worst for grading keywords by difficulty, trends and search volume.
It's good. Chat GPT won't be bad for starting. But if you use Ahrefs then you will get a detailed report.
Chatgpt works on its own set of algorithms, so it surely helps you get keyword ideas but blindly going with the keywords suggested by Chatgpt is not a good idea...

You can take the idea of various key phrase combinations to get the availability of various variations of keywords. Then based on these keyword variations you can better proceed with your keyword research task using any tool such as Google KP, MOZ, Ahrefs, SE Ranking etc....
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