How Good Adult Offers convert through promotion in Social Networks??

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by C4Cassh, Nov 9, 2010.

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    Nov 3, 2010
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    Hi Friends.. I am Looking to Promote some Adult affiliate Offers on Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook. But Not sure how well this can work for me. So, Any Suggestions for me???

    And While Posting Links, What kinda Promotional Words I would need to write on there in the Post alongside the Text Link???

    I Mean What Kinda Massage Body would be suitable to Attract people to have a look onto the offer???

    Any Good Suggestions would Help me as well as Other Newbies..

    Thanks In Advance.
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    Jul 26, 2009
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    Adult sites dont convert well using social need huge amount of traffic to at least profit $10 lol..

    And to tell people what to do hmmm bro your the pimp trying to promote this type of niches..good luck..

    If you know about internet marketing hit me up PM me and i look for something for you so you can profit with your traffic!