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How exactly a CPA offer work?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by ijof9, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. ijof9

    ijof9 Power Member

    Mar 27, 2010
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    Western Europe
    How exactly do CPA offers work in the US? And I'm asking about E-mail / ZIP submits because I only see those kind of offers for the States, most of EU has no ZIP/E-mail.

    For example, the typical mobile offer (which we have in EU) takes money from the visitor, by overcharging SMSs, crediting the advertiser, the publisher and the network with money from the visitor.

    But on ZIP / E-mail offers, who pays those $1,xx? And where does it take those money from?

    I also saw some campaigns (from Customer Incentive Rewards if I remember well) which after the ZIP was entered, they were bringing up additional affiliate offers which basically required the visitor to buy something in order to get that prize for free. But since the visitor wasn't really interested in buying (rather than getting a free XBox for example), those $1.xx seem to be considered loss.

    I'm asking because I'm thinking of implementing something similar in my country. Maybe I would pay less for my leads but traffic is definitely comprised of stupid people and since this form of scamming is very legal, I'm thinking it can become rather profitable.
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  2. mightybh

    mightybh Senior Member

    Feb 27, 2008
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    User enter zip --> real time offers are pulled for his area in order to generate a lead via smileymedia for example --> surveys --> co-reg/offers --> info harvesting --> mailing list --> thank you

    For example I run a Ford garage near Boston. I want to give people in my area free test drive and sell them a car. Each time smileymedia finds somebody in that area they are asked if they would like a free test drive.

    Basically the whole zip/email submit CPA offer is designed to get to know somebody and sell them something they might be interested in, then sign them up to a mailing list and rape their inbox some other time. This is done in real time in order to show them the most relevant offers etc. depending on location and interests.

    Mobile submits are a bit different.
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