How Does Youtube Ban Accounts

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by bobbylove321, Feb 26, 2009.

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    How does youtube find out about youtube marketers and bans their account?

    I've heard people say if you use catchall do make your accounts, they'll get banned. Others say that the same ip from one place creating the accounts gets them banned. Also, I've heard leaving 1000's of comments on your videos gets them banned.

    Is there any other reason?

    Would youtube ban your accounts if you are only rating on your videos? (Not commenting,favoriting,etc.)
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    i can say that if you use same IP address u get banned .100% sure
    if u use same url in the description u get banned 100% sure
    yeah and same with rating... lol here not 100%. hopt ir helps..
    oh btw when u say catchall do make your accounts r u reffering to softs that generate gmail or youtube account? thx
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    I thought you had to verify your account inside the exact email address that you used when you registered
    if you use catch all you get banned?
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    When I first started, I only made like 5 or 6 accounts a day, manually, and always on the same IP and never had a problem. I learned to make all my accounts on different emails after I got a whole mess of work deleted after one account got disabled.

    It all depends on volume. If you're logging in to several accounts on 1 IP in a short period of time, that IP address will get banned. If you do mass account creation from a catchall domain, those accounts will get disabled eventually, no matter what IP you use. Best to always use public email domains like hotmail, gmail, yahoo, where they can never ever ban more than an individual email address.

    Also, with the URL, I put the same URLs in my descriptions and never had a problem till I started uploading upwards of 30-40 videos/day on several accounts. Now, I get around that by uploading my videos first, letting them age for about an hour and then editing the descriptions to include the url. They stick fine now.
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