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Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by frenchboy, Dec 16, 2008.

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    Aug 19, 2008
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    I bought this newsletter almost a year back. It was $40 bucks lifetime and there was a money back guarantee.

    I forgot to take it and kind of forgot about it. I never actually checked to see if the guy's picks were good or not but he's been sending them every once in a while for 1 year.

    Last email he says he's got a new pick and he's gonna give $1500 for a camtasia recording of the pick to use as a testimonial.

    Which makes me think. Is this an on going scam or what? How does this guy makes money? Why is he even doing this for $40 lifetime. Seems like a waste.

    Oh and he never sells anything ever in his emails. Just tells you what stocks to buy. Not sure if he tells you when to sell it though.
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    Dec 3, 2008
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    well post the stocks up one of the stocks and lets see if it makes any money
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    Nov 22, 2008
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    i don't know about him offering (?) you 1500 for a camtasia of the stock, if that's waht you're saying.. but i was part of a newsletter like that once, its not the doublingstocks one is it?

    the doubllingstocks guy was just a pump n dump scam. he still seems to run it, i get emails every so often but none in a while.. basicaly he picks a random penny stock with virtually no volume of it bought up and then buys a shit-ton of it even though it's worthless, emails his newsletter and since it's worthless penny-stock when they all invest on his recommendation, sure it goes up because the newsletter basically just breathed life into it; since it's penny stock he doubles, triples, etc, his money and makes a killing then SELLS and even some other people that invested early can make some money too if they get out fast enough but eventually it just ends up back at whatever it was.

    chances are it's something like that, i'd think, unless his pick is a reputable stock then maybe he's doing some real kind of analysis. doubtful.
  4. frenchboy

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    Aug 19, 2008
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    Yeah It's doublingstocks.

    I find this guy quite interesting. He must make so much money.

    Here's the last email.

    In a few days I'm going to email you
    the stock ticker of a company I believe
    will produce a spectacular gain.
    I cannot tell you much right now, but
    here's the few snippets I can give away:
    This company was an AMEX listed stock
    with a huge market cap, (i.e. worth a lot).
    But they failed to file certain forms with
    the SEC, and unexpectedly slipped down
    to the Pink Sheet stock exchange.
    Because of this, almost everyone holding
    the stock sold out. And investors interest
    dried up.
    But... nothing had happened to the actual
    company. In fact it's still producing
    mountains of cash (2007 Operating
    Revenue: $56 Million).
    Yet the companies market cap, slipped
    down to just $3.9 million.
    And even if you discount the fact this
    company is generating bagfuls of
    Just one of their assets, is conservatively
    estimated to be worth $61 million...
    Opportunities like this are few, and far
    between and I feel extremely lucky for
    stumbling on this company.
    In a few days, I'll email you more details.
    Such as why I believe this company is
    going to be revalued soon...
    And I'll give you the full scoop on why
    this is such an amazing opportunity.
    Michael Cohen
    P.S. Because I strongly believe this stock
    will make an amazing gain once released...
    I'm requesting, subscribers who do decide to
    invest record it, using a screen capture program.
    Your video will be used as a testimonial on
    And in return, I'll pay $1500 for each video
    sent to me (whether I use it, or not).
    You can use a program called "Camtasia" to
    record your screen. And you can download a
    fully functional, 30 day trial, here:
    Or if you have a high quality video camcorder,
    you can record using that.
    You'll also need a microphone to narrate
    your video.
    Here's what each video should include:
    1) Show the stock pick, in your email account... Or
    simply introduce the video saying.. "I just received
    a new stock pick".
    2) Log into your online brokerage and place the
    buy order.
    3) When you decide to sell, record logging in
    again and placing a sell order.
    4) Conclude the video, showing the profit made
    in your brokerage account.
    * Make it a little personal, talk about past
    stock picks... how much you've made etc.
    Like I said, if you have a high quality video
    camcorder, you may be able to use that...
    And hold it to the computer screen to show your
    brokerage account.
    Once made, email your video and paypal
    address to:
    [email protected]
    (If you intend to make a video, and need
    further guidance please email the address
    shown above).
    Global Marketing Corporation
    93 S. Jackson Street #56595
    WASHINGTON 981042818
    United States
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    Sep 15, 2008
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    heard of them.

    if i were you, i would join a private investment group. i know one that used to get returns of 20% per month. dudes were banking 20k+ each money with no work, lol. too bad they're no longer accepting members..
  6. seamusmcaffrey

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    Nov 22, 2008
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    i doubt he's really making all that much money at this point. people are dumb, but are they not gonna realize what's really going on? it's a "good" idea for him.. but i don't know. i feel like the craze has died down for him by now. it had high clickbank numbers for a while (the product, as an affiliate) but i think it's dropped significantly. he doesn't send out emails much anymore.
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