How does Paid Psychic Online Consultation/Chat Script work?

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    My question is how does the paid psychic online consultation scripts work?

    1) How does the system determine whether the client is still in the chat? What happens if the client's pc hung up or the internet connection is down?
    2)How does the system continue from where it stopped, in case of disconnection as mentioned? Same chat box or new one?
    3) How about the remaining of the time?

    A client of mine is planning to offer online consultation where someone pays for a certain number of minutes to chat with the consultants.

    I need to find an existing script / to modify a script / create from scratch - an online chat program that is similar to those paid psychic online consultation.

    - Time limit according to the time paid for i.e. 20 mins, 30mins, etc.
    - Reminder when it is 5 minutes left.
    - +5 minutes, +10 minutes (purchase additional mintes during the chat to prolong the session)
    - Ratings system - 0-5 stars for the client to rate in different aspects, to be translated into numbers/statistics on the Admin site.

    Any suggestions is most welcome.
    I'll need to find out the above questions before I hire a coder to develop for me.