How Does Anyone Make Grip Online? And Get E-books Free

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by tbenny, Jul 21, 2008.

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    Jul 15, 2008
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    So I happen to be an adult webmaster noob. I have been taken for a ride by trafficholder, shaved by iwantu, ignored by ce, and I have had it up to here with neverblue's shaving, although they are mainstream.

    My problem is this: When a cocksucker goes and hands me a link and then says no forums, no e-mail, nothing too spammy, what the FUCK am I supposed to do. Telepathically transmit my link to people's browsers. So I say fuck it, really. Call me a Black Hatter in training because I am sick of the right way being the way to make other people money.

    E-books? I have e-books. I don't pay for e-books. I get them for free. Beating Adwords for 97$ Nope. Free. Want the secret? PM me. Free to all Black Hatters that don't already know it. So I have a few weapons in my arsenal. And that brings me to this point, it feels like war.

    Cocksucker story: Microsoft Adcenter. So I set up an ad for some green tea and they say make sure your keywords are relevant to the landing page. Unless the landing page gets you cheap traffic because CNN was on the landing page. I run the algorithm and sure enough, 4,000 clicks for .05 cents each. Except not really. If their bot does not detect relevancy, no impressions. So I optimize, and bid .64, and still no impressions. So fuck Microsoft.

    I am not looking for a handout. No spoon feeding, just a little direction, here. I am willing to break rules, shoot I am willing to pulverize them. In the last week I have worked between my day job and online 120 hours. I am that hungry.

    I am working on the mother of all cookie stuffing scripts, one that implants a cookie just for visiting your site, consisting of a master cookie that encompasses all of your affiliate links at once. (When it goes live, Diamond Dave gets it free, because it is thanks to this site I get any grip at all.) Encrypted of course. I'm a noob, not a stupid noob. So that is my story and thank you for listening. You guys make me feel better about the world.