How do you rank your videos on Youtube ?

Start doing SEO, like social bookmarking, create blogs, share the video in high pr video sharing sites and side-by-side keep on increasing the views as well.I have been doing this and have a good result so far, no big harm on ranking
Can you pls list High pr video sharing sites names please ?
Its not that easy for every niche now.
But i know the things you need.

Follow other people like Use the exact keyword in the title which you want to rank on. It can be different from others but use it with caution. Because if its a blackhat video you want to rank on and if you use words like hacks or anything it will get removed.

1: Make your video unlisted dont publish it, Give like 2k-5k High Retention Views like views which have over 80% retention rate. (If you need some PM me)
2: While its unlisted share it on different G+'S and give Google Plus 1 votes a lots of them. Give it a little push using fb share and tweeting by using addmefast.

Dont let your video to be unlisted for more than 24 hours. Do all this in the given time. If you are finished with 2k-5k Views buy some more views around 10k To push your video more harder to number 1 spot.

Note: I have been using this trick on many music videos, And i buy like 200k-500k views for each and my videos rank on search results over 1.9 Million, Leaving other video which have views over 2M or something.

you say in 24 hours but in 24 hours analytics is a 0 ?
13)number of subscribers from video

Do you or anyone else know where subscribers can be bought that can be driven through the subscribe button on a videos page and not channel page?
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Last year, a client asked me if I could try to rank their video on YouTube (which is something I don't normally work with), so I gave it a shot. To summarise what I did, I'm just going to create a list:

  1. I uploaded the video in 1080p HD.
  2. I chose a keyword using the Google Display Planner and based on the results in YouTube's SERPs.
  3. I filled out as much information about the video as I could to help the video rank for that keyword (title, description, CC, etcetera).

I checked on the video a minute ago and it is apparently in position 6 now (up from position 16 3 months ago). That was really all I did to rank the video,.
Its not that easy for every niche now.
2: While its unlisted share it on different G+'S and give Google Plus 1 votes a lots of them

Thank you SandyMe for your great advices. I've tried to find a good and fast google+1 provider but had no luck. Admmefast doesnt sell that sort of things, you can buy only reshares there. So may be you know some good services / panels with affordable prices?
I'd like to pm you about the views, but have to wait till i get 15 posts.

Thanks again.
I am new in Youtube game but what I noticed is that you can not depend on youtube stats, there are always huge discrepancies between the total number of channel views and total minutes watched and stats of individual videos.
Also they keep changing the number a video is watched up and down.
Also if you log in with ur account you see a different view count than the other people see on your video. It is confusing
shocked with the amount of people here with advice
following this thread. Thank you. Great advises and critics.
A lot of changing happend in youtube lately, unlisted method does not work anymore, ranking nowadays is so hard
bs there is a guy i have been watching no names but he unlist and gets views and sets live and it seems like he is ranking for every video he post.
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