How do you rank for longer keywords, when your main page is 1 keyword??

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    Jun 13, 2010
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    Couple questions:

    Lets say my niche is "Potato Chips" and I am using a wordpress blog. To rank high on my longer keywords such as "Salt and vinegar chips" and "baked potato chips", would the best thing to do is add the categories with those keywords and then start uploading content about them?? OR are there other ways to rank higher for those keywords?

    Also, should I ever be posting backlinks to my smaller pages or should they always be to my home page??

    INTERNAL BACKLINKS... Good or bad to use them? I read some threads where people are saying it is a MUST and others saying they don't work and big G doesn't like it when ppl create internal backlinks.

    I was thinking of starting a micro niche WP blog, but then I thought to myself, why not create a site that contains the whole niche and just start off with longer keywords and build the site by ranking for longer keywords first? Does that make any sense?

    Is it against google adwords to have like 100 domains/blogs on the same hosting/same IP? Or after how many sites is it a good idea to create another hosting account for more blogs?

    I feel stupid making a thread once per day with my silly questions.. Hopefully one day I can start answering other peoples questions.

    I appreciate all the help