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how do you promote same ip or multi ip same time ?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by blannyjeanna, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. blannyjeanna

    blannyjeanna Regular Member

    Mar 14, 2008
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    Making money online (try) :-)
    Marbella Spain
    Hi to all here is the trouble hard to explaingo slowly :D

    you are affiliat in bingo or all others you know that the company is nice pay you and get more backlinks than if you make a stupid page or blogs now and waiting backlinks. :D

    so speak with manager ok you look businessman and want to make money so do it open multi accounts no troubles 1-10-20-50-100 more more :D

    here is the trouble :D promoting

    if you want to do it with search engines and rss look nice submit list 1 ip clena cookies and go
    now wait 14 hours before the end zzzzzzzzz:p

    now get an idea easy but hard in technical
    why not submit your list with multi ip
    the toruble is this 1 you submit in your computer with 1 ptogram 1 ip :eek:
    that is if you open multi times your program and submit again and again always same ip

    1 computer 1 line 1 ip
    you need to wait the end zzzzzzz

    so is it possible with 1 computer submit 1 time with 1 ip
    and submit again same progam BUT CHANGE IP :rolleyes: that is the way

    or rent 10 cybers and submit in each look like too nice idea :p

    an idea welcome please