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How do you outsource affiliate linking to your writers? Do you give them your CJ psw??

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Joe 10, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Joe 10

    Joe 10 Newbie

    Jul 26, 2012
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    Hi there,
    hopefully Im posting in the right section.

    You have writers for your website.
    Inside your article you have affiliate links.
    To get the affiliate link you need to log in into your CJ or Shareasale account and get the given deep link.
    Then you cloak the link.
    You insert a nofollow cloaked link in the article.

    I don't know you but I wouldn't give my Shareasale or CJ password to my writers, and so I am personally linking in each article they write, which is time consuming.

    And if you have lots of websites, having to personally link really slows down everything.

    Take for example big deals sites that have a full time staff of dozens of people that keep posting new deals everyday.

    I highly doubt that everytime they have to post a deal (generally every 20 minutes) they ring up the boss and ask him to give them the link. I also doubt each of these employees has the CJ password.

    So how the hell they do it? Is there any script/software that solves this problem?

    Note: I know some of you may be thinking of the wordpress plugin (oh yeah, Im using wp) that transforms a keyword into an affiliate link, but that's not gonna work, because:
    1) I don't want each kw to become an aff link, but only specific ones in specific articles.
    2) That plugin is not gonna work for a deals site where you need to deep link to specific products at any given time