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How do you make custom paypal pages for different products?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by StarBeltMarketer, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. StarBeltMarketer

    StarBeltMarketer Junior Member

    Feb 26, 2009
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    I have a few different websites selling items with a paypal button.
    On each website I sell something completely different than the other websites. For instance lets say I have a website that I sell spaghetti noodle bouncy balls. And another website I sell bean dip extravaganza sandwiches. How do I make each button keep the logo and price settings for the individual button? I don't want someone to go to bean dip extravaganza and then see a spaghetti noodle sandwich logo. Does that make sense??

    I know that I can make custom paypal checkout pages with the paypal button. But there is only a primary custom page option. I want them seperate.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Please help thanks,
  2. Ardit

    Ardit Junior Member

    Oct 14, 2009
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    I think you need to have a premier account :D