How do you guys rank Facebook pages/Amazon Product pages?


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Apr 5, 2012
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Knowing the two are parasites, what would be the good amount of links per day and what engines to use? I know it will take a while (weeks/months). I just want to build it slowly. I have GSA SER and CB. Currently running a campaign with 150 links a day. Is this too much?

Anchor text diversity:

Ranking FB page is Easy with GSA SER - Just Spam the page with GSA SER (No limited links/day).
But Im not sue about amazon pages..
I've tried it, the conversion rate of 1: 1000. Depending on the product you are promoting and sources of traffic
are you sure it's still working ? I was blasting a fb page several months with no result !!

I think it's not as before , google is getting smarter :)
it is still working with fb pages.
I usually go 1 Tier with FCS - Tier 2 (gsa Contextual links (article only) - Tier 3 (everything on gsa )
The links you are posting are too much. Instead of using tools, come to organic working. Using tools and building a campaign using inorganic tools would make your campaign weak and short lasting because one day you will face google penalty.
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