How Do You Get Youtube Video On Front Page Of Google?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by MadScientist, Apr 5, 2011.

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    To get your Youtube video or whatever video on the front page of Google I would assume you would post your video on a website related to you video with a Page Rank and make sure your keyword is in the Title of the video? Another scenario would be to post your video in a forum and wait for the search engines to pick it up? I'm not sure about these options but what do you think? :)
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    Backlinks, build as many high quality backlinks to the video as possible. The more you have the better, just make sure these are high quality backlinks. I wish you the best :)
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    So many factors are involved:

    The term you are willing to rank for has to be easy or fairly easy to rank for, trying to make a video for a PC game that has pages with thousands or hundred of links pointed at em would be madness.

    Start by picking a search term with modest competitions like just a few hundred links so that you could rank in few days. Google cares about links-- nothing more-- in reality from a logical point it shouldnt 100% care where the links are coming from.

    It just uses well established sites to give credibilty to sites they are linking to, just like Obama saying that dude is cool -- everyone will believe. Going back:

    You can use seo for firefox to check out how many links the pages you are trying to beat have low link number-- i think 200 is alright anything higher will cost more investment and brain power.

    Make sure you include you keyword in the title and in the description.

    Then make a few more youtube accounts, like the vidoe and post comments with the keywords in the comments.

    Go to your facebook account and post a link to the video, same for twitter if you like, then grab some few links from around the web.

    And in THEORY you should rank in a few day, depending on how fast google finds your links.

    Hope this hels
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    Blast your URL with Scrapebox. Keep blasting until you reach the top.
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    I have a lot of of YT vids out there so it's too time consuming to supply them all with quality backlinks.
    If you can get them, that's cool, but I have experienced that it isn't absolutely necessary for YT vids.

    My main tool for backlinking to YT vids is Scrapebox, with quality lists.
    It's common these days (in the eyes of Google) that YT vids can go viral beyond YouTube. They are embedded on other sites or discussed. So having a lot of backlinks from blogs looks kinda "natural".

    One tip: if there are vids on page one for a given keyword it means that the competition allows for vids to be on page one.
    Just get more backlinks than those vids and your vids will (in time) replace them.