How do you get unique videos for like comedy niche page?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Rockyfancino, Dec 8, 2015.

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    The topic says it all. I have a comedy page and mmm i once tried finding my own videos. Loading....By Google searching in this type of format, but nothing came up "funny accidents date: nov 2015". I also tried YouTube, but it wasn't helping and its time consuming to be watching lots of videos, since almost all the videos are not funny, they just lie with the title of the video. Again I have a slow speed.Yesterday, I tried hashtags on Instagram. I didn't want to use a tag like #funnyvideos, because videos I see are not unique and repeated by all other small pages as myself. I didn't have any ideas coming, so I took my dictionary and checked up a few lines like #badenglish. I found a video of a Russian lady singing Christmas song with bad accent. Well, it didn't seem to work. To be a quality page, you need videos that people are just seeing for the first time. So that if you follow the followers of big pages in your niche & like your the photos, you'll get more follow backs. Rather than them seeing a repeatation of videos.The big question is HOW DO YOU FIND UNIQUE VIDEOS?
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    hey baby bird try