How Do You Email A Targetted List of 20 K People?(Please Help!)

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    Aug 6, 2011
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    I know someone who collected emails in order to download their product however they didn't use Aweber or anything to collect the emails. They just manually collected emails in Excel. (Legitimately these people signed up these are not scraped however he just didn't have a proper sign up form connected to an email system like Aweber).

    How would he email these people the cheapest way without having to sign up with Aweber and ask for the people in the email to subscribe to his new list ? since obviously not nearly all those people would take the time to subscribe to the new list

    I looked at but it would cost $239 to send 20k emails out! and the trial only allows 500 emails to be sent out?

    What are his other options?

    Thanks guys