How Do You Drive Traffic with YouTube?


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Jul 1, 2010

I have an app and I want to know how I can use Youtube to drive traffic to my site or to download the app?

I was thinking of making a video tour and posting it with proper keywords and description, but that's not going to get much views. Is it even worth using Youtube for driving traffic?

What's like an average view to site visit ratio?

depends if anyone ever searches keywords related to your apps and all you have to do is make the video with a link to the download site.
Well it is a file sharing application like Limewire or Kazaa.

People do search for it but if they do then they already know about it. How do I drive new people to use the app from Youtube?
Does your program solve a problem? If it does then explain that in the video The video needs to entice the user to click. Tell them their missing out on something BIG if they don't click. Try and play with their emotions.

One Tip:
At the end of your video have a 30 second call to action at the end. This way after your video is over the related videos don't distract the user. Now they have to stare at your URL for 30secs.
Be sure to read all the threads here. Theres alot of good information in this section
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