How Do You Do Your Customer Research?

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    Is there a way to find out who your customers are when you target specific keywords?

    For example, is there a way to find out what kind of demographics are searching for the term "how to travel the world" - other than using common sense?

    One way I've come across is to use the top spots on google for my targeted keyword and checked their domain in but it will only display the root url, and the site might have a completed different demographic overall so I can't make that much out of the information provided.

    So, any ideas how I can get a decent understanding on my targeted demographics on a keyword level?

    Feel free to share your research process.
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    Look past the keywords into their niches and look there for demos'.
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    You have asked the 66 thousand dollar question. Companies spend millions in marketing budgets trying to answer this very question, "who are my customers"? Businesses obtain this information in one of two ways. They either analyze data that is already available for their products or services and the demographics that consume them, or, they go and gather the data themselves and then analyze it. The former (secondary research) is cheaper than the latter (primary research) but both take discipline, a well thought out plan and time.

    Gathering data yourself requires tactics like surveys, focus groups, and similar methods. These are extremely expensive and time consuming however if you have the funds, this is a good way to go.

    For many small businesses and entrepreneurs, going to where the data is already gathered is the next best thing. Try visiting government websites that hold statistical data about the demographic you are targeting. If you don't know which demographic buys your product or service, try researching other companies that sell similar services/products and look for company reports (these would have to be public companies). In these reports search for competitive analyses which often include the company's target market. For example a public travel company may mention in their annual report that they are focusing efforts on baby boomers of which millions are nearing retirement age and are ripe for the travel industry.

    Once you gain an understanding of the people who may be searching for your product/service, you can make an educated guess about which keywords they might use to find it in a search engine or if they would be going online in the first place to look for what it is they need.

    This page contains a link to the economic research service which may help guide you to data about your products/services,

    This blog post contains links to some good market research data providers such as the U.S. census bureau,

    This link also has good information about free market research resources,

    I hope this helps you,

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    This is how facebook receives 90% of their money. Companies pay facebook a ton of money for information on what is the latest thing or trends. This is worth "Gold" to companies and lets them know what products people like and how to develop new products.

    Think about it, when the little 15 year old girls post on their fb page how hot Justin Bieber is or Look at my cute blue top or my glowing diamond ring or this smoking hot show, it lets product developers know what is hot and trendy. What better way then through Facebook, the biggest Social Network on the planet.

    So I guess to answer your question, you have to call Palo Alto. :smirk: