How do you choose KW with google when personalize results come into play?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by letusgo, Apr 23, 2010.

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    you guys may already knew the results of "inanchor, intitle,inurl" may vary widely depeding upon the ip, user-agent, the mood of google, etc,.

    Accordingly, I give up micro niche finder and use rank tracker market samurai provided as reference. I will still click the G link to check out the SERP by myself, just to find out the data is very very inaccurate compared to MS( one BHW member also report it recently).

    However, the SERP of 1st page is almost similar between different ip. So I now choose KW according the competitive strength of 1st page, search volume, domain available as well as of course the avg cpc from adwords keyword tools and spyfu.
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    Market Samurai lets you choose the country you get the results for.
    For it to match your results - make sure its set up for the same country as you're in (or pretending to be in)