How do you check if a niche is profitable?

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    How do you check to see if a niche is profitable?
    I've made the mistake in the past, and thankfully I didn't waste that many resources. But I don't want it to happen again.
    I'm gonna target a new KW soon heres the sats:

    Keyword stats:
    CPC: $1.62

    I'm thinking based on the CPC alone, i should be good to go. And the CB product that I wanna promote for it has a gravity of about 40.
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    This means no one gives a fuck about that KW. It does not man that the competition is Low
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    Niche research > Keyword research > Domain research.
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    One thing people tend to overlook is asking themselves:

    Not if this niche is profitable, but do "I" have the ability to turn a profit from this niche. Not everyone can profit in the same niche, it partly depends on your available resources and connections.

    Take yachting for example. It's a relatively speaking "small niche", but has potential for super big pay days. However, without the right connections such as a growing Yacht business for you to promote or sell leads to it's not worth much money on it's own.

    The market share for things like super yachts is super tiny, but I'm sure if you offered to find a client on a commission basis the payout could be in the hundreds of thousands to millions. Which could be worth more than a lifetime of adsense earnings from a couple niche sites selling dog food.


    I've worked in ultra micro niches, with just a few hundred searches or less in some cases. The payouts can be in excess of $35,000 for a single conversion.

    Everyone is over obsessed with big niches like PayDay Loans and the like and think it's the hardest term to rank for or whatever... It's not the hardest term nor the highest paying niche. Once again though, if you had a direct link to a PayDay Loan broker or national size firm vs. these shady @ss affiliate programs in the niche, you I'm sure could double or triple your earnings without all the skimming too.


    Moral of the story, look to what you personally can monetize, not what other people can monetize. :)

    *** BONUS TIPS ***

    1. Do an ROI analysis before hand, I see a lot of guys focus on the potential payout and fail to consider what it's going to cost them to build the site, host it, write content, and SEO it. I have had to turn down so many micro niche SEO Leads, because many guys think it's going to take like $50 to rank their site and they are going to make thousands, and don't have the few hundred or few thousand it'll actually tank to rank it. So really do thorough research and also, take into account what your time is worth. I've seen guys brag about their $50/mo adsense site who put like 200 hours into getting their site ranked, and like $1,800 bucks. Basically they failed to do some simple math and didn't realize they actually lost money.

    2. Don't just rely on keyword tools, take a one at a time look at the top 3 players and get a good feel about what you're up against.

    3. Watch out for "easy" niches that have major players like Amazon ranking #1 and other big guys in the top 3. This is where all the traffic is and without a serious budget, you'll probably get stomped into the ground and lose money trying to fight them.
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