How do these guys do it on Myspace?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by thechairman, Mar 29, 2008.

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    I always get spam on my personal profile on Myspace and I am wondering how these guys are doing it. Is it possible that they have a private captcha bypassing system that they keep under lock and key or do they use a fleet of Down Syndrome children to enter captcha's all day?? The question of the ages...

    Here's one that came today

    Here's one that came on March 16th

    I have a bunch that I keep in my folder so I can keep tabs on these guys to see how they are doing it, or at least what they are doing. The reason I put the one up from the 16th is because it's still up! Usually this stuff gets taken down immediately, and I have at least 5 pages of other profiles that have stayed up.

    The reason I find this intriguing is because last year I was making a boatload of money off Myspace, when you could get past the captcha, and I would like to figure out how to get back on that money train. I have tried several bots but nothing gets past those fucking captcha's. Well there's captchakiller which is very limited, or there's uberbots that has a bypass but you have to pay for it handsomely, and what you're paying for is people doing it manually in a foreign country I'm sure.

    Even if someone doesn't want to spill the beans here it would help even to know that there is a bypass that some genius came up with but he only sold it to one guy or something... has everyone given up on Myspace? We just gonna leave to a few guys to make the money over there??
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    Myspace is dead brother
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    So was this post; until you revived it.